Pokémon: I have 2 oras demo codes!!!!!!
Atla/tlok: Thinking of gifs to make . . .
Personal: . . . idk what to say

I make my own ATLA and TLOK gifs, and reblog Pokémon. Hopefully you find it as insightful as I do.

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For everyone who is wondering where their ORAS demo code is.

fINALLY. it showed up around 1pm EST. 

I also happen to have a second code I got paranoid when it didn’t show up in the email and did that Facebook thing, so I’ll probably give that away, so be on the look out : )

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vaporeon vs. azumarill - idea cred to the magnificent @leecario
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HTML help?

So, would any of my followers (or anyone really) know any html/css stuff? I really wanna change the font of my title but I have no idea how. I have rough knowledge of this stuff already but clearly not enough as everything I do does not work. The title is labeled as a h3 and I tried messing around with that but it didn’t work : (

So, any help would be appreciated : )


pokemon: “we put a Great Ball in a trash can on the SS Anne once and players are now compelled to check literally every single trash can in every single game”

do not falter

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